SNAKE EATER: Rucking Virtual Challenge

Ruck Hard, Never Quit!

In a world that wants you to blend in, we challenge you to stand out.

The modern world pushes for 9-5 routines, fast food dinners, and tracking steps with the latest gadgets.

But steps aren’t training—they’re just numbers for a fitness TPS report.

If you're content with the status quo—counting steps, following cookie-cutter workouts from magazines, and chasing unrealistic, photoshopped images—this isn’t for you.

But if you're seeking a true fitness challenge—one that will push you beyond the limits, something your co-workers can’t even fathom—then welcome.

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We've designed a fitness challenge that will push you to train harder, go farther, and test your mental and physical limits. This isn't for everyone.

This is our flagship fitness challenge—the toughest one yet. We've heard it all: "Too hard," "Too long," "Intimidating."

And that’s okay.

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This challenge isn't for the faint of heart. It's meant to intimidate, to make you question yourself, and to push you to train harder.

Don’t just go through the motions. Start working towards a real fitness challenge today.

Best part? You can start for free.

Download the Fitness Challenge Book for Free.

When you complete the challenge, you can proudly display the Finisher Patch and hang the finisher medals in your trophy case—they’ll outshine any little league trophy, guaranteed.

Check out the Finisher Patch

Check out the Discounted Finisher Medal Package