Activity Conversion Guide

The following table is a guide to convert various Cardio activities for our Challenges. This is meant to allow our athletes to complete challenges when they are  not able to do the prescribed work.  This could be for any number of reasons from having to watch a child in the early morning (turns out people judge you if you put the baby in a rucksack...) or a old injury that makes the prescribed work impossible.

It could be you simply enjoy  a particular activity (looking at you cyclists) more then life its self and can't bring themselves to doing long hours of anything else. 

While you encourage all our athletes to learn the skills and develop the capability we designed, we get it, life happens.

We all are in this to push ourselves and have fun. 


Row  Bike  Stairs (Flgihts) Swim Run Ruck Walk Air Bike (cals)
Run 1 Mile 1.25m 4m 32 1.4m 1 .5 2.25 120
Swim 1 Mile 5m 16m 128 1m .75 2 9 480
Ruck 1 Mile 2.25m 7.5m 60 .5m 1.75 1 4.25 222
Run 1K Meters 1250 4000 22 2250 1 500 2250 75


Swim 1K Meters

5000 16000 80 1000 750 2000 9000 300

Ruck 1K Meters

2250 750 37.5 500 1750 1000 4250 140