Do I need Equipment?

Each challenge is unique, and many require more than just your grit to complete.

The most common is the use of a  rucksack or weight vest. We suggest a military ruck or a pack designed for rucking, such as the Go Ruck line of products.

Any backpack that will stand up to the riggers of the challenge will work. 

Sandbags are also required in some challenges. These can be training sandbags, which is what we suggest, or something you can create yourself. The key is the awkward weight to carry and suffer under. 


What are difference between a Pipeline, Campaign and Games?

Pipelines are the military themed challenges that involve following the story of becoming a elite warrior. 

Campaigns are historically themed challenged following the footsteps of legends. 

Games are multi part challenges based on Functional Fitness. Utilizing bars, weights and equipment you can find in your average functional fitness box these allow you to push yourself in a Competition type format, but its you against you. 


The challenges seem intense, what if I can't complete them?

Only way to find out how far you can go is to put one foot in front of the other.

But we don't want you to die on day one.

We created a preparation course for the SNAKE EATER pipeline. This is an inexpensive work out programs designed to get your body ready for the challenges, hardening them so that the pain and muscle soreness is just the right amount of suffering for the challenge.

Other preparation guides will be published as we create them, along with daily workouts to be published on our social media.

In all seriousness, you should always consult a doctor before starting any new training regime, and you should certainly take your health into consideration before doing any extreme challenge. Not everyone will complete every challenge on the first try, and that's ok. 


Do you have scaled options?


Our goal is to motivate you to learn new skills, gain new capabilities and challenge your self mentally and physically. We encourage all of our athletes to attempt the challenges as designed, however in many cases that just isn't possible. 

Never do a challenge that will cause injury or make a injury worse, its fun not selection. 

We know that life happens and you may need to adapt a challenge to your abilities. We created a chart for the cardio portion of each challenge to let you convert the required movement into a number of other activities. 

Check it out <Here>

If you need help adapting a challenge for your situation, <please contact us>.

Remember, its about the mental and physical challenge not the metrics. This isn't a power point training slide. It's an internal battle with your heart and mind. If you need to modify something because of a untrainable limitation (like missing a leg, blown out knee, well you get the idea) then make the modifications you need to be successful. 

The only adaption we won't take into account is lack of heart. 


Do I need all the equipment listed?

Generally speaking, no.

Generally we have kept equipment to a minimum and replaced the elaborate equipment with creative ways to make you suffer, err we mean... no that was right the first time.

Always take a look at your challenge to assess if you have the right kit, or can make what you have work. You don't need the most high speed gear, you just need the right feel. 

Its about the test not the cool guy gear.  You can substitute what you have as long as it meets the intent of the challenge.