Northman: Rowing Challenge


Unleash Your Inner Viking with the Northman Challenge

Are you ready for an adventure that transcends time? Welcome to the Northman Challenge, where you can experience the thrill of Viking voyages and the fierce spirit of Norse warriors. Step into history and test your endurance, strength, and courage.

Discover the Saga

Journey back to the late 700s when the Northmen of Norway braved the treacherous seas to raid the distant shores of England. Inspired by legends of gold, silver, and untold riches, these fearless explorers set sail, forging a legacy of adventure and conquest.

Choose Your Path
  • Northman Challenge: Embark on challenging rowing missions that mirror the epic journeys of Viking longships. Each stroke brings you closer to the heart of the sea and the soul of the Viking spirit.

  • Defender Challenge: Take on the role of the defenders of England, Northumbria, and France. Run, ruck, and battle through intense physical challenges to protect your homeland.

Your Adventure Awaits

  • To Distant Shores: Start your quest with an 8K row or a 5-mile run, setting the foundation for your Viking journey.

  • Up River: Push your limits with a 16K row or a combination of running and rucking that will test your endurance.

  • Fortunes of War: Face a series of 5K rows or endurance runs paired with bodyweight exercises, reflecting the battles of the Viking age.

  • Gates of Paris: Tackle the ultimate challenge with a 150K row or a marathon run, echoing the historic siege of Paris.

  • Conquered Shores: Complete your saga with a monumental 200K row or a 90-mile ruck, securing your place in Viking history.

Train Like a True Norse Warrior

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Prepare yourself for the rigors of Viking life. Whether you're rowing on a machine or rucking through rugged terrain, each challenge is designed to build your strength, endurance, and resilience. Remember, the journey to Valhalla is paved with sweat and determination.


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Seize the day and prove your mettle. Will you conquer the seas as a Northman, or will you defend your homeland as a fearless warrior? Choose your side, embrace the spirit of adventure, and become a part of the Northman Challenge.


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Are you ready to row hard and seize glory? The raiding season is here, and the distant shores await. Join the Northman Challenge today and write your own saga of adventure and triumph.