FROGMAN: Lead Line & Slate

Lead Line & Slate

Before there were Navy Seals, there were Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT), and as with any group of men who break ground for such a storied organization like Navy Special Warfare, they were legends.

Formed during World War II these men were tasked with conducting hydrographic reconnaissance of beaches prior to amphibious assaults and removing obstacles which might foul the landing craft. In the water this meant swimming close to shore with little more than a pair of fins, a dive mask, a slate to write on and weighted line to take  depth soundings.

Considering this was done mostly in the tropical waters in the pacific in those stylish dive shorts SEALs love so much, is it any wonder these guys are a recruiters best friend? This ‘lead line and slate’ work was the foundation of what would become the Navy SEALS.

Thinking back to these early days inspired our first challenge. Might as well start from the beginning right?

Hope your swimming skills are up to par because its time to get wet. We incorporate all the things that make SEAL training the stuff of legends (or nightmares, same difference…) swimming, bodyweight PT and running. Have fun, and get sandy



The Challenge

Inspired by some of the opening days of Naval Special Warfare, clearing obstacles for the Marines and leading the advance across the pacific, this challenge is your first in the epic journey of Frogman.

Enjoy the pool workout, time to test your swimming. 

The Work

Required Kit: Pool

Swim 800 Meters

10 Rounds of: 
- 5 Pull Up
- 10 Pushup
- 15 Situps
- 20 Lunges (10 each Side)

Run 1 Mile


This challenge involves the high skill movement of swimming. This is the basis of the FROGMAN challenge and you need to become comfortable in the water. 

If you are not a strong swimmer you should be attempting this challenge after giving your self plenty of time to do some practice laps in the pool. 

You will notice, we said pool. Do NOT try to do this work out in open water unless you are a very strong swimmer and very confident in your ability. 

One of the better strokes for beginners is the side stroke. It allows for a long range movement keeping your head mostly out of the water and is a easy entry movement to swimming

Check out a video here