1775: Yorktown (1775: Challenge #5)

Long March to Freedom

September 1781:  Yorktown Virginia

Nathaniel Green has forced the British under Cornwallis to withdraw to Yorktown. You have been fighting with partisans in the south when word reaches you that Washington has started the long march south.

The main body will march over 600 miles south from Rhode Island to Yorktown. Luckily for your tired feet you are already deployed to the southern front and need only move to the coast out of the mountains. Still a long march, 75 Miles of rough terrain will place you in striking distance of the final battle.

You arrive in time to participate in the siege, three weeks long. The French have finally stopped eating pastries with Benjamin Franklin and have joined the war with the massive French fleet standing off the coast the British have little choice.

The British surrender.

The War is not over for another two years, but this will be the moment to tell stories in the bars and halls for all your years.

Freedom has arrived, and it was delivered on your two feet and from the barrel of a musket.

Well Done Minute Man, Your Rebellion is won.  


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The Challenge

IThe British have finally been hemmed in at Yorktown with the Arrival of the French Fleet. 

Time to make the long march to the Coast, the last major engagement of the long war is at hand, and we don't want to miss it. 


The Work

75 Mile Movement 
- Designed as a 20-35# Ruck


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This challenge is unique in that its a historical campaign in which every day Americans fought for their freedom. 

This is a distance challenge designed to be done as fast, or slow, as you need to complete it. 

We have published a distance conversion guide to allow anyone to participate by converting Rucking into a number of other activities. 

Check it out Here