1775: The King of Battle (1775: Challenge #2)

The King of Battle: A Fort, a Siege and Artillery

Dec 6th, 1775:  Knox Expedition

The siege of Boston is underway and there looks to be little in the way of support or forcing the British out.

However early in the war a small band of Militia known as the "Green Mountain Boys"  seized Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York.  Henry Knox is determined to lead an expedition to move the cannon captured there to the siege of Boston, and liberate the city  with the King of Battle.

Over the course of the winter, with little more than oxen, horses and determination Knox will move over 60 tons of equipment to Boston. This 300 mile journey was done on horseback, wagon, marching and by boat.

These guns were instrumental in forcing the British out of Boston, ending the siege and liberating the city.

You will join Henry Knox on this epic logistical adventure, while your brothers hold the British with-in Boston you will transport the 60 tons of cannon south to reinforce the siege.

You won't have to march the entire way, you will ride and sail parts. But a solid 50 miles will be done on your own two feet.

Hurry up Minuteman, the rebellion needs you 

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The Challenge

Inspired by the Knox Expedition, also known as the Noble Artillery Train, this challenge has been shortened for the pipeline to (yea we know its still far) 50 miles.

At least you don't have to pull a cannon the entire way. Good Luck, Boston can't hold out forever. 


The Work

50 Mile Movement 
- Designed as a 20-35# Ruck


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This challenge is unique in that its a historical campaign in which every day Americans fought for their freedom. 

This is a distance challenge designed to be done as fast, or slow, as you need to complete it. 

We have published a distance conversion guide to allow anyone to participate by converting Rucking into a number of other activities. 

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