1775: The British are Coming! (1775: Challenge #1)

The British are Coming!

April, 1775: The Patriots faced the British regulars at Lexington and made a fast movement from where the first musket balls took to the air as they attempted to stop the British from seizing weapon caches. The Patriots have withdrawn to Concord where the British believe weapons are stored. The Call has gone out, All Patriots should march to Concord.

Holding the high ground, having already moved the weapons cache in the town, the Colonial Militia soon observed a fire break out in the town.

Assuming that the British were putting the torching to the town the Militia advanced engaging the British at a bridge north of the town. The British quickly withdrew, and having failed to find any arms, began to withdraw toward Boston.

They would be surprised to find that their mission to seize colonial arms had struck a cord for the militia who soon rallied over 2,000 citizen soldiers troops. The British were initially followed at a distance but fighting broke out with the rear guard of the column as the RedCoats were engaged from behind trees, buildings and fence lines. A slow motion running battle began with the British firing in volley, utilizing cannon and flanking attacks against the numerically superior Americas.

The British withdrew under fire to Charlestown Neck, in modern day Boston, where they were able to get under the guns of their warships.

The fight has been joined, Freedom is at stake and it's time for you to Join the Rebellion! 


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The Challenge

Inspired by this first fight for Freedom we will recreate some of the movement of the fight, with a total of 12 Miles under load. 

Get a move on Patriot, your countrymen are counting on you!

The Work

12 Mile Movement 
- Designed as a 20-35# Ruck


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This challenge is unique in that its a historical campaign in which every day Americans fought for their freedom. 

This is a distance challenge designed to be done as fast, or slow, as you need to complete it. 

We have published a distance conversion guide to allow anyone to participate by converting Rucking into a number of other activities. 

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