1775: Return of the Patriots (1775: Challenge #4)

A Frozen River, At Night, On Christmas...

Christmas Eve 1776:  Pennsylvania

You have withdrawn with the surviving Army as you head to Pennsylvania. Its a long 100 Mile march from your defeat at Fort Lee to the Winter Barracks. Your enlistments are due soon and Washington pleads with you all to stay with him over the Christmas holiday he implores the surviving patriots:

“Stay one month longer you will render that service to the cause of liberty and to your country which you probably can never due under any other circumstances ”

The General has a daring plan, he will cross the freezing waters of the Delaware river, clogged with ice and engage the Hessian Mercenaries in their barracks… At night… on Christmas.

Yea, its one of those kinds of plans.

The attack on Trenton captured cannons and suppliers for multiple American Brigades, Washington is not yet done, he maneuvers and marches on Princeton capturing over 200 Red Coats.

Satisfied with his new supplies and the ability to control the countryside he moves north to new winter barracks where he forces the British into their strongholds and resupply by sea.

Its a story worth telling, and your going to re-up to see this one through.  

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The Challenge

Legends will be made, but you have to get moving


The Work

50 Mile Movement 
- Designed as a 20-35# Ruck
- Attempt to do as fast as possible

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This challenge is unique in that its a historical campaign in which every day Americans fought for their freedom. 

This is a distance challenge designed to be done as fast, or slow, as you need to complete it. 

We have published a distance conversion guide to allow anyone to participate by converting Rucking into a number of other activities. 

Check it out Here