1775: Red Coats (1775: Challenge #3)

Red Coats: The Empire Strikes Back

August 22 1776:  New York 

The victory at Boston is a short lived one as reports of a British landing in New York reach Washington. The news is not good, 20,000 Red Coat regulars and 130 warships have arrived in New York Harbor, the war has taken on a new and more dangerous stage.

Washington rallies his men and marches 200 miles south to New York with 19,000 patriots. You join them on the march having taken a respite of leave farther south.

On August 22nd the Battle of Brooklyn is joined and the Americans are pushed back through Harlem Heights, pulling back to forts on either side of the Hudson on Fort Washington and Lee, while another contingent pulls back to White Plains.

General Howe defeats the army at White Plains and Fort Washington Falls with 3,000 Americans captured or Killed.

Four days later the British cross the Hudson to your position at Fort Lee, barely escaping with your life and 2, 000 fellow Soldiers you retreat with Washington, headed for the Delaware River and winter barracks in Pennsylvania.

Luckily you won't have to do the full distance on foot.  

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The Challenge

130 Warships, multiple divisions of regulars - this thing just got real.

The British Empire is brining the pain and its time to fight for your life. 


The Work

30 Mile Movement 
- Designed as a 20-35# Ruck
- Attempt to do as fast as possible

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This challenge is unique in that its a historical campaign in which every day Americans fought for their freedom. 

This is a distance challenge designed to be done as fast, or slow, as you need to complete it. 

We have published a distance conversion guide to allow anyone to participate by converting Rucking into a number of other activities. 

Check it out Here