1775: American Revolution Fitness Challenge

Freedom isn't Free

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The founding fathers knew this to be true.

To take charge of their own destiny, they had to stand up, march to the sound of gunfire, and fight for it.

This isn’t just a fitness challenge; it’s a campaign in the footsteps of giants—men and women who knew they were building a nation.

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Join the Rebellion 

Each fitness challenge places you in the shoes of a Continental soldier, marching for freedom, for his new nation, and for his family.


You start with the opening shots of the Revolutionary War; You finish with the British surrender.


This campaign isn’t for the faint of heart.


It isn’t for an easy participation trophy.


The miles are long, just as they were in those harrowing years when the fate of a nation hung in the balance, and brave citizens had to stand up and march to war.

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This is your chance to walk in their shoes, to embrace, if only a part, the challenge of being a fighting patriot in 1775.

No tanks, trucks, or jeeps—just your own two feet and the determination to win.


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