Operator: Pineland Finisher Medal Challenge (SNAKE EATER #4)

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Operator: Pineland

The villainous United Provinces of Atlantica have invaded the northern province of Pineland, and you are about to help liberate its people.

This is the scenario of Robin Sage, the culmination exercise for SF students before they graduate to their life on the teams. Taking thirty days and an elaborate cast of supporting role players, Robin
Sage is as close to the real thing as SF soldiers get before going down range. This exercise is typified by a heavy ruck insertion to meet up with the 'G’s, followed by some serious work on the ground.

The ruck is heavier, and the distances are even longer. True to form, we made the grinder on the back end of the ruck a long one. If you find yourself questioning your life decisions, dig deep and find your Iron to grit it out.

The Challenge

Additional movements and some longer distances make up this challenge, building on what you have already done in the first two challenges. 

The Work

Required Kit:
- Sandbag #40 or more
- Ruck Sack with #45 or more

- 8-Mile Movement with Ruck

-  15-1 Rep Rounds of:

- Shouldering (Alternating Sides)

- Walking Lunges with sandbag 

- Squats With Sandbag

(Example: After Ruck March - 
-15 Reps of Sandbag Shouldering
-15 Walking Lunges
-15 Squats
-14 Reps of Sandbag Shouldering
-14 Walking Lunges
-14 Squats
-13 Reps of Sandbag Shouldering... [Continue to 1 rep each]

The Reward

You will earn the Pineland Finisher medal. 

This is one step toward finishing the SNAKE EATER pipeline, where you will earn the SNAKE EATER patch.