On Mission Lang Vei Finisher Medal Challenge (SNAKE EATER #5)

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On Mission: Lang Vei

In February 1968, the Battle of Lang Vei village began.

NVA regulars of the 198th Tank Battalion surrounded SF ODA 101. SFC Eugene Ashley led five assaults on the enemy to free his teammates who were trapped and overrun by the enemy consisting of infantry and light tanks.

The fighting was so intense he called in artillery and close air support on top of his position in an attempt to break the siege.

His actions that day would save his teammates earn SFC Ashley the Medal of Honor, and cost him his life. 

The Challenge

This is a Three Part Mission.
All Evolutions must be completed within 48 hours.

The Work

Required Kit:
- Sandbag #40 or more
- Ruck Sack with #55 or more

Evolution 1: Infiltration
- 12 Mile Movement with Ruck
Evolution 2: Enemy Contact
- (A) On the Minute for 30 Minutes: 
--25 Meter Shuttle Run
-- 5 Burpees

--------Rest 5 Minutes -------
- (B) 10-1-10 Rep Rounds with 40# Sandbag
- Lunge Steps (1 Step = 1 Rep)
- Sandbag Sit up 

--------Rest 5 Minutes -------
(C) 100 X 40# Sandbag Shouldering

Evolution 3: Break Contact
- 6 rounds of:
-- 1 Mile Movement with 55# Ruck
-- 50 X Squats with Ruck on 
-- 25 X Walking Lunge (1 Step = 1 Rep) 

The Reward

You will earn the On Mission Finisher medal and the SNAKE EATER finishers patch.