Mackall Miles Finisher Medal Challenge (SNAKE EATER #3)

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Mackall Miles

Camp Mackall is home to the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) course, and arguably one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world - Nasty Nick. Just outside Fort Bragg, Camp Mackall is where candidates hoping to join the ranks of the special forces suffer through weeks of grueling physical and mental trials to prove they have what it takes to make an SF soldier. Mile after mile of rucking, land navigation, and just pure suffering, SFAS is no joke.

The Ruck is heavier, the distances longer and the sandbag finisher will test your will to work through and grind out the work. Embrace the suck.

The Challenge

Additional movements and some longer distances make up this challenge building on what you have already done in the first two challenges. 

The Work

Required Kit:
- Sandbag #40 or more
- Ruck Sack with #45 or more

- 6-Mile Movement with Ruck
-  50-35-20  reps of:

- Sandbag Bear Complex: (Clean; Front Squat; Push Press; Back Squat; press = 1 Rep)

- Burpee

(Example: After Ruck March - 50 Reps of Sandbag Bear Complex, 50 Reps of Burpees, 35 Reps of Sandbag Bear Complex, 35 Reps of Burpees, 20 Reps of Sandbag Bear complex, 20 Burpees.... then ice and beer.)

The Reward

You will earn the Mackall Miles Finisher medal. 

This is one step on the path to finishing the SNAKE EATER pipeline, where you will earn the SNAKE EATER patch.