Iron Mike Finisher Medal Challenge (SNAKE EATER #1)

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If you are a graduate of that special crucible of training known as Sand Hill on Fort Benning, GA, home of the U.S. Army infantry school, then you likely have performed an Iron Mike.

This exercise takes its name from, depending on whom you talk to, either the statue in front of Infantry Hall on Fort Benning officially titled ‘Follow Me’ or from ‘The Airborne Trooper’ statue sitting in front of Fort Bragg’s post-HQ. Both are boldly advancing on the enemy, with front leg bent, reminding many a drill sergeant of a lunge.

On the long run from the barracks to the airfield during Airborne School, it is common to see the poor souls suffering in Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) 'Iron Mikeing’ up the hill each morning.

We think back to the formative weeks on Sand Hill as we incorporate Iron Mikes into our first challenge.

That burn you feel in your legs is just the nostalgia leaking out.

The Challenge

Inspired by some of the opening days of a soldier's career in the US Army, we have built a challenge worthy of that shock and awe. 

Enjoy the sprint workout, it's fast and brutal. 

The Work

Required Kit: Sandbag #40 or more

- 1 Mile Movement with Sandbag in Any hold
- Lung walk 400 meters

- 150 Squats with Sandbag in Front Rack or Backsquat position

- 1 Mile Movement with Sandbag in Any hold

The Reward

You will earn the IRON MIKE Finisher medal.