Fryar DZ Finisher Medal Challenge (SNAKE EATER #2)

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Fryar DZ

Jumpers Hit It! Count to Four, check the canopy, and gain canopy control.

If you just felt a strong urge to assume a good exit position then you are probably a paratrooper.

Following graduation from Sand Hill future paratroopers get a short trip to the U.S. Army Airborne school for 3 weeks of learning how to fall. Get comfortable with a lot of close contact with mother earth and bearing the load of a parachute harness.

Fryar Drop Zone is where all Airborne students earn their jump wings in the last week of training. This challenge will have you dropping down to greet the earth and cleaning up your ‘kit bag’ at the end (read sandbag cleans… see what we did there?)

The Challenge

Building on the weighted movements we have added the Ruck Sack to this one. Got to lug that gear off the DZ, cause after the jump you still got to fight.   

The Work

Required Kit:
- Sandbag #40 or more
- Ruck Sack with #40

- 50 X Bodyweight Burpees
- 2 Mile Movement with Ruck 

- 40 X 8 Count Body Builders

- 1 Mile Movement with Ruck Sack

- 30 X Sandbag Clean and Press

-1 Mile Movement with Ruck Sack

The Reward

You will earn the FRYAR DZ Finisher medal. 

This is one step on the path to finishing the SNAKE EATER pipeline, where you will earn the SNAKE EATER patch.