FROGMAN: Freshwater


All navy enlisted careers begin at Naval Station Great Lakes located on the northeast tip of Illinois and about as far from the sea as one can get and still have a beach. Here the sailors are on the edge of fresh water lake Michigan where they complete basic training and then head on to Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School for 2 more months of hard PT. Its among the red brick and white roofed buildings where wannabe SEAL candidates get there bodies back in shape after basic.

Unlike BUD/S or the rest of the training the candidates are not being selected, but trained and taught how to swim, climb rope and generally get into the best physical shape they can be.

Proper diet, dedicated sports trainers and SEAL Operators all come together to make the potential SEALs into proper tactical athletes and this means a lot of work is being done in the pool, on the track, and in the gym.

We did our best to take this inspiration and bring you the first of a soon to be familiar format: The Run-Swim-Run and Swim PT.

If you don’t like doing pushups on the pool deck, your in the wrong pipeline.



The Challenge

Inspired by the endless PT of the preparatory school program this challenge is your introduction to pool deck PT.  This is a staple and harder than it sounds. Water is a great equalizer, and jumping into and out of the pool for pushups will wear on you quickly.

Enjoy the pool workout, and don't mind the odd looks from the aqua-aerobics class... 

The Work

Required Kit: Pool

Swim 500 Meters
- Rest 2 Minutes

12 Rounds of: 
- Swim 25 Meters
- 10 Push Ups
- 20 Seated Ab-Leg Extensions

-Rest during Transition
Run 3 Miles


By this point you are starting to get your swimming under control, but we are about to introduce some pool deck PT. 

This will greatly affect your swim time and ability, we recommend pacing yourself properly. The fatigue from the pool deck work out will affect your ability to get full extension and power from the pull. 

Plan for that, stay close to the edge if your still working on your swimming capacity and make sure to keep a slow and steady grind. 

The run, well its a run. You will be tired and fatigued so give yourself a few hundred meters to limber up and transition to a new movement pattern.