FROGMAN: Coronado Sand

Coronado Sand

Welcome to the Iconic beaches of Silver Strand, Coronado, California. It is here that the iconic BUD/S evolutions occur during the first phase of SEAL training. Endless miles of beach runs in boots and utes, untold pushups on the grinder and the ever present grit of sand in places you don’t really want that kind of thing.

All this is done just a short run from the Hotel Del Coronado where the tourists sip fruity drinks and soak in the sun - and occasionally catch the SEAL candidates working there boats out into the surf.

By the end of week 3 the weakest of the group has been weeded out and the remainder are prepared to meet the (in)famous crucible of all successful SEALs - Hell Week.

During this evolution the candidates don’t sleep, conduct runs, carry boats and conduct endless PT as well as endure the cold water of the pacific. It is this part of seal training - suffering on the very picturesque beaches of Coronado that we have taken our inspiration for “Coronado Sand”.

Get your mind right for some real distance in the pool and on the road. But don’t worry - we won’t make you get wet and sandy before the run - Unless your into that kind of thing, we don’t judge.

Make sure to hydrate - and no, swallowing pool water does not count.



The Challenge

Welcome to California, its not the vacation you deserve, but its the motivation you need.

Enjoy the pool workout, and don't mind the odd looks from the aqua-aerobics class... 

The Work

Required Kit: Pool

Swim 1 Mile
- Rest during transition

6 Rounds of: 
- Run 1 mile
- 50 X Pushups
- 50 X Air Squats
- 50X 4 Count-Flutter kicks


During this evolution you are going to be doing some serious time with a big movement transition. Take time from the pool to the road to get dry, some hydration and some food in.

No not a pizza, though I am sure it may sound good. 

Running gels, candy, anything to get your blood sugar up.  Keep some in your kit on the run as you pass the 1 hour mark. 

After each set of run and PT movements give your self a few hundred meters to work the kinks out and get back, don't take off to fast as your bound to be wobbly.